Pollution solutions

On our pollution page you can get some general information about different forms of pollution, where they come from and how they affect our planet. Here we will focus on the nice things, namely solutions that people have come up with to counter further pollution.

Of course we know that the overall problem of Earth pollution is quite complex. There are more people living on the planet than ever before and worldwide birthrates keep increasing with every year. Studies show that the overall birth rate of many countries has increased during the last decades. With more people comes more food problems, water needs and of course pollution problems.

We’re happy to see though that there are many people and companies out there who are trying their best do fight the increasing pollution of our planet.

Solar Energy

One of the most uprising technologies with this motive in mind would be solar energy. As technologies become more and more sophisticated every single day, the efficiency of solar panels become better every single day. Slowly but steadily more and more people’s houses are getting powered by solar energy instead of old conventional power plants.

Although this looks really promising there is still a lot to improve on when it comes to cost reduction of solar panels. Solar panels are expensive to produce which leads to less people buying them. It’s a costly one time investment, but numbers show that a normal household can earn their money back over the course of 10 years when using solar panels.

Wind Energy

Probably the second most common form of renewable and ‘clean’ energy would be wind energy. Since the early middle ages people having been using the winds power for grinding mechanisms. In this day and age we use wind energy mostly to generate electricity.

Massive turbines are placed up to 50 meters in the sky to catch wind in the blades and start rotating. The generator inside turns the rotational movement into electricity which can be used to power up houses, offices and factories.

However, just like with the solar panels, wind energy is still far from cost efficient for mass usage. Though technology is getting better and better the cost to produce a stable wind turbine are still too high in comparison to its energy production. Because of this there are only a couple of instances where wind turbines are used such as windy areas near the sea or on vast hillsides.