5 reasons why solar power isn’t that popular

You may have heard or seen people with solar panels installed on their house. They’ll tell you that their energy bills got way cheaper after the installation and they saved a lot of money. However, when you look on the news you see that solar panels are actually quite expensive and don’t provide enough energy for all our needs.

So what’s the fuzz all about? Here are the top 3 reasons why solar panels aren’t yet installed onto all our houses and offices.

  1. Confusion about costs
    probably the main reason why people are hesitating to switch to solar panels is the confusion about costs. There is no uniform price for any type of solar panel all over the world. Next to this come the increased marketing and distribution costs which resulted from the lack of a transparent and competitive market.
  2. Lack of brands
    When buying a TV or computer you know which one you can rely on and which ones are cheap because of their brands. In the solar panel industry you have to check out all the features and benefits before buying them.
  3. Not enough manpower
    within the solar panel industry there is a huge lack of manpower. There are many technicians out there but most of them are educated to fix your computer or car. People who know how to install, use, distribute, manufacture and fix solar panels are still relatively rare.