Hemp Contributes to a Sustainable Future

Hemp has a long love-hate history in the United States. Colonial and Revolutionary War era ships relied on rigging and sails crafted of hemp. Throughout the early history of the United States, farmers were encouraged by the government to grow hemp in ... [Continue Reading]


5 reasons why solar power isn’t that popular

You may have heard or seen people with solar panels installed on their house. They’ll tell you that their energy bills got way cheaper after the installation and they saved a lot of money. However, when you look on the news you see that solar panels ... [Continue Reading]

World Ozone day

World Ozone day – I love the Ozone layer

Believe it or not, but the 16th of September is marked as the one and only World Ozone Day. This day is dedicated to the protective and invisible shell covering our planet and protecting us from all kinds of harm. ... [Continue Reading]


The “No Impact Man”

Yes it does sound like some extremely bad Hollywood blockbuster, but don’t despair, we got some very interesting to show you right here. Uploaded by YouTube user SugarLoafKid and found by us, this video below shows some very interesting footage on ... [Continue Reading]